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Susanne Batemann is a fantastic international coach and speaker, particularly when it comes to the topics of negotiation. She understands what it takes to help others increase their awareness of how to negotiate and is able to articulate her insights to the audience in a clear and concise way. She is a very kind and approachable businesswoman with a heart that strives to help people in business-related and personal topics. We negotiate the moment we are born, but learning how to negotiate deals, mediate between parties and advising clients in business matters is what Susanne is highly skilled at.

Sue Baumgaertner-Bartsch

VP, Editor and Interviewer, Business Booster Today Magazine

Susanne’s methodology of negotiation training is effective, straightforward, and systematic. She helps you put meaning behind each step of the process, which allows you to engage in any negotiation—whether it’s in business or your personal life—with a greater purpose in mind. 

Susanne is also a great person with incredible experience that she shares and weaves into how she presents…making negotiation very near and relevant to us all, as opposed to a distant, theoretical abstract that only a few business people do when haggling over deals. The truth is, we all negotiate multiple times, every day. Susanne will help you find better outcomes in each of them. David Westlake

Tech Adventurer & Entrepreneur|President , ATLAS

When I first met Susanne I had absolutely no idea about Social Media, being self-employed, and all the intricate procedures necessary to master in order for one to even attempt or have a half decent shot at becoming successful. On our first meeting, she dove right in and gave me incredible insight, feedback and personally guided me in my first pioneer project. I have learned so much from Susanne in such a short period of time. She has a wealth of talents and an incredible amount of patience, backed by a laser focus. Her determination and dedication are for me second to none! I highly recommend Susanne Batemann as a Partner and Business Advisor. Rocky Bradley

Employee, Trading Coop

This would be a great chance to say that I am so grateful to know Ms. Susanne Bateman. She’s very professional and a kind-hearted person. I would highly recommend her as a mentor and a great Negotiation Coach. Well-versed, an expert in her field, with an excellent approach to a wide spectrum of negotiation matters. She is dedicated to working hard to achieve good deals. More power and good luck with your career.

John Michael B. Prudente

General VA, Social Media Manager, Engineering and Administrative Assistant, Filipino Virtual Assistance, Freedom Geek

Susanne, Teddy and I founded the Debating Club St. Gallen because we knew each other from the Rhetoric Center. She is well structured, goal oriented and last but not least a good friend.

Corsin Sulser, PhD

Project Manager, Baloise Group

Susanne-Helene is an innovative and motivated marketing expert with a broad skill set. She has a comprehensive knowledge of the renewable energy market, especially in photovoltaics. Furthermore, she was responsible for successful marketing and communication concepts.

Peter Zumbach

Head of Sales Programs, SBB

Susanne has demonstrated her intrinsic leadership spirit early on during her studies. She was always fully involved in her studies never seizing to miss the opportunity of extending the curriculum beyond the universities standard offerings through her roles in various student organizations. Her believes were always followed up by actions, e.g. her political interest led to her candidacy to become a member of the Swiss parliament. She is an inspirational woman that challenges the status quo and is constantly seeking new innovative approaches. Working with her is fun and dynamic, she definitely brings positive vibe into any group she is part of! 

In general, Susanne is that type of person for whom you can easily write an excellent recommendation and still miss out many important aspects that make her the charismatic leader she is today.

Alain Denzler

Regional Lead Japan & Asia Pacific, Pitcher AG

Excels in anything she does! A warm and conscious person who knows what she talks about and can make the difference to achieve your goal. Highly recommended her services!

Manely Ellamo II

Owner and Founder, Ellamo Foundation

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