The Thank You Divorce

If you’re ready to change your life and guide your children in the right direction, The Thank You Divorce offers invaluable insights for helping your family return to normalcy and find their happiness again.

The Thank You Divorce

Were you left blindsided after divorce? Do you believe it’s impossible to survive divorce?
Are you searching for path that will help you and your children cope after heartbreak?
Getting over a divorce doesn’t come easily, but there steps you can take to help ease the transition from a happy family to getting past your break-up and changing your life for the better.

About the Author

Swiss-born Author Susanne Bateman has had an esteemed career as the founding president of the University St. Gallen Debating Club Switzerland and as a rhetoric Coach. Her expertise as a Certified Global Negotiator has afforded her the opportunity to reach families in crisis and to help them communicate effectively.


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